Atira’s Pattern Line is FOR SALE

Atira's Fashion

To: Interested Pattern Buyers:

At this time, I am interested in offers on my pattern line.

The following information outlines, what is included, for price negotiations.

Also some general information, on area and items, used for storage of the patterns.

All goods are listed, at my cost price.

You will be responsible for all the items transportation that you may want to purchase.

The pattern's current storage area, is comprised of 6 storage shelves (2ft. X 4ft. ea.)

They take up an area, approximately 4ft X 12 ft,. these are commercial steel shelves with plywood decks.

Note: Paper weighs a lot.

I also use 1ea. File cabinet for miscellaneous things.

Example: Instructions, pattern copies, extra envelopes and over flow. Size: 28 in. deep X 15 in. wide X 52” tall

The patterns are stored in 3 each, lateral files, of 4 drawers.

These are used to assembled patterns, instructions and pattern envelopes storage. Size: 18 in. deep X 30 in. wide X 52 in. tall

A local printing company creates the instructions and envelopes.

Because of the limited number of printing presses, in the USA, my current printer is in Texas.

I own all the art work, that is used in the pattern line. 36ea.

I also own the plate films for printing, currently stored at the printing co.

Enclosed is a current (As of April 24, 2007) tally of the patterns and pieces on hand.

Patterns are subject to ongoing sales orders.

I purchased this pattern line, in August of 1986, and have updated some patterns, which now include instructions on them.

I also updated the artwork.

For thirty years, in the Middle Eastern Dance Community, Theatre and Reenactment Groups, this is a well known line of patterns.

Please contact me for further information,

Rita (Atira) Hatton
Sole Proprietor:
P.O. Box 68207
Tukwila, WA. 98168

Phone: (206) 767-3357
Fax: (206) 767-4991