Coin Jewelry

These head scarves are available in multiple colors.

Bar Bracelets

These are available in gold or silver tones.

Moonstone Necklace



Not currently available.

Coin by the meter

Available in gold and silver tones.   Styles available are coins only or coin with colored beads.  Approximately 6' lengths

All coin jewelry is subject to availability.   Styles change without notice and photos do not necessarily reflect those currently in stock.

Coin Belts

Style A

Style B

Style C

Style D

Styles may vary and colors available are silver, gold and coin with beads.

Coin Bra Cover

These bra covers come in one style and are available in gold or silver tones.

Coin Hip Scarf

This belt is available in multiple colors.

Coin Hip Belt $35.00
Coin Head Dress $15.00
Triangle Head Scarf $12.00
Coin Hip Scarf with 3 Rows of Coins $35.00
Coin Arm Bands Set of 2 $10.00
Moonstone Necklace $20.00

All prices listed in this web site are subject to change without notice.   Please contact Atira's Fashions for the current prices.

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Updated: 21 November 2001